Reveals the invisible


Accurate Surgery by use of Fluorescence Imaging Technologies


Technology is our passion. The surgical patient our primary concern.

We support effective therapy through a fast, high quality translation of Image Guided Surgery to patiënt.

Our field of activity encompasses all activities, from clinical research to routine application of Image Guided Surgery in day-to-day patient care.

It's our ultimate goal to eradicate Recurrence,  Redo- & Revision surgery.

Our Services

Soon you will find all information and developments around Image Guided Surgery at this site + an overview of all our activities. To start with, we think it is important that you can ask your questions and know where to find us.

Indocyanine Green (ICG)

Mobula is the Service and Sales agent for Diagnostic Green in the Benelux.

Diagnostic Green is the leading provider of trusted high quality fluorescence products, including Indocyanine Green, worldwide. Approved for use in major markets in EMEA and USA, Diagnostic Green’s Verdye (Indocyanine Green, USP) has an excellent safety profile and is widely used in procedures for assessment of tissue perfusion based on fluorescence.

Training & Education

Training and education is the key to making Fluorescence Guided Surgery (FGS) available to all patients. We are currently working on a training program focussed on FGS for Medical as well as Paramedical staff.

Are you already implementing Fluorescence Guided Surgery in your clinic? Or are you starting a process to acquire a Fluorescence sensitive camera for Open and/or Minimally Invasive surgery? Then we can take immediate action and make an appointment at your request for a consultation or a clinical lesson for the department.